Who Am I?

Who Am I?


I feel calm now
An icy shield to prevent further pain.
I feel tall now,
Big enough to trample the bourgeoisie masses.

I am a socialist Godzilla

I feel tense now,
Tendons taught like trapped time, ready to snap.
I feel mad now,
Madder than a mad dog drinking seawater and liquid acid in the sun…mad as shit.

I am the offspring of a raven & a writing desk

I feel sad now,
Grief drowns me in an isolation chamber of nostalgic inadequacy.
I feel small now,
Small and insignificant enough to perform my own colonoscopy.

I am a depraved Narcissus

I feel high now,
Arms outstretched to stroke the skies of my conscious existence.
I feel clear now,
Mind stretched even further exploring universes of subconscious possibility (No riders here Mr. Rankin)

I am Lee the Agent sans addiction

I feel happy now,
A zygomatic orgasm bears my emotions to all like an overzealous stripper struggling to pay the rent.
I feel safe now,
Safe. Dull. An apathetic existence from within a greenhouse made of TV screens all playing static.

I am the Jesus of Test Card F


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