On Grounds of Unreasonable Behaviour

Good Evening poetry! I’d like to start by saying;

1. I don’t understand yawning

I find your facial features odd
I find the way you smile unnerving.
Did you star as General Zod?
You grew up in Britain right? Was it Worthing?

Now hold up, STOP! Rewind a tick,
You were Zod in Donner’s Superman flick?
But now you’re voicing Kal-Els dad…
You must have a fucking rad agent. Rad.
Terence ______, Terence ________,
You’re Britain’s favourite white skinned champ.
Terence ______, Terence ________,
I watched you in the Limey….(spoken) and it was a big cinema screen yeah?
Terence ______, Terence ________,
In Priscilla you acted camp
Terence ______, Terence ________,
You weren’t in Heroes though…(spoken) that was Malcom McDowell…you look like him though
I’ve written a movie just for you,
It’s set in space and you’re a Jew
There’s allusions to the Holocaust
But with special effects and Sci-Fi and shit – it’s like Starship Troopers but the shower scenes are a bit different…
Terence ______, Terence ________,
Your teenage wife you did lamp.
Terence ______, Terence ________,
You cradle snatcher you!
Terence ______, Terence ________,
The Madding Crowd was utter wank,
Terence ______, Terence ________,
Alien Jews in space…with explosions…..CALL ME.

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