Watching Lorries Cross Stevenage

Who the fuck thought lorries would become our bread and butter?

I mitigated a session between a DAF DBU & a RENAULT RGD just to show the girls I knew what I was doing, it worked a charm. They let me sit between them at the roadside cafe later that evening. P.I.M.P that’s me.

Well actually my name’s Dale and I started out in trains. My first glimpse was of the Mallard, just remembering the billowing smoke and the ‘Poot Poot’ of that whistle gets the goosebumps up all over me arms. I spotted for years enjoying the Castles & Kings roaming the countryside like metal caterpillars seeking friends. Then the Southern leccy ones started to invade crushing out the beauty of travelling through the countryside and scarring the tracks with their sleek arrogance. I ditched the game after a few months of whoring myself out to fatuous numbers and poorly planned routes, I was done.

Two years ago today I was scooting along the M20 when I saw a ‘Torridge Transport’ SCANIA rushing past and I fell in love instantly.


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