2013 – The Year of the Meerkut

Meerkuts Writing

I feel free. I asked Noel Edmonds to do some cosmic ordering last year and it seems to have worked out, well everything except Nilsson becoming a siding or low track speed section on London to Brighton line. I’ve thrown salt over my shoulder, whisked an egg backwards and kissed the slipped disc of Mary almighty, I’m feeling pretty fucking blessed.

2012 was the year I became aware I wanted to write for a living. I’ve spent most of my life writing but not realising that was what I was doing; whether it was comedy, music, theatre, comic strips or letters I always looked at the end product and not the creation. My EUREKA moment came after performing poetry live in Camden with the mixed feeling of exhilaration, adrenaline and a burning sphincter from so much time on the toilet due to nerves. I’d got hooked on the ups and downs of performing but this time I clearly remembered how much enjoyment I derived from the simple act of pen to pad word vomiting (it definitely beats pre-gig anal prolapsing).

So thanks to nerves it was decreed, Meerkuts likes to write. Since then I’ve been widening my literary horizons from comedy, songs, poetry and correspondence branching into uncharted territories like copy, feature articles, reviews, scripts, screenplays & even short fiction and I can still say I like to write. Last year I spent a lot of time “getting myself out there” and increasing my online presence but found that without a focused site to direct people to a lot of stuff got lost in the deep blue sea of web-based content. So I created ‘Pieces of A Man’ to rectify this Robinson Crusoe situation and provide a lighthouse to save my idioms from Tim Berners-Lee’s Locker and allow you fine people to read my words.

I hope you enjoy them and look forward to providing you with more insights into my pre-gig bowel movements throughout the year,

Keep it Weird… but in a good way

Meerkuts x


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