Meerkuts’ Musical Musings – January 2013

Hello dear reader,

If you’re a keen-eyed eagelet then you may have noticed I don’t just write words to get your mandibles munching, I also like music. being a DJ and (very) amateur musician means that a suprising amount of my life is lovingly spent within headphones, record stores & gig venues so I get to hear quite a bit of music. I try and impart this to busier people through various means; mixtapes, DJ sets, facebook posts, shouting at people in the street, etc. but i figured I could also let you know through the medium I know best, words.

So here you go, the first of many (well probably 12 if it’s monthly but you never know do you?) blog posts about the tracks I’ve been digging, discussing or dancing to this month, January 2013. Enjoy, Meerkuts x

1. Bonobo – Cirrus (Taken from album ‘The Northern Borders’ not yet out but single released Jan 24th on Ninja Tune label)

I defy anyone not to wish for a night out when they hear this track, as soon as that groove hits you just want to gather your friends and embark on a night of straight up getting down. It’s no secret I own pretty much everything Mr. Bonobo has ever released from the beautiful trip-hop of Animals through the sublime jazziness of Black Sands but I’m really loving this new club oriented groove he’s found and await the release of ‘The Northern Borders’ on Ninja Tune label in April with baited feet and accommodating turntables!

2. DJ Nu-Mark (Feat. Quantic) – Tropicalifornia (Taken from album ‘Broken Sunlight’ released Jan 8th on Traffic Entertainment)

It’s been freezing this January and nothing warms the tootsies better than a sizzling slice of summer in a song, who better than Quantic to provide a summery hook and Nu-Mark to lay down a sick, old skool beat? The track’s not breaking any new ground considering the calibre of these two as producers and musicians but that doesn’t mean it’s not a tune and has had me gazing hungrily at Brighton beach wishing the sun would come out and the scent of BBQ would hit my nostrils. I’ve not heard the full album yet but what I have heard seems to lean to bouncy, b-boy hip-hop  that Nu-Mark is famous for and with news last week of Jurassic 5 reuniting for Coachella there’s no better time for some new beats from Uncle Nu! Let’s take it back to the concrete streets indeed.

3. Ludivico Einaudi – Discovery at Night (Taken from Album ‘Time Lapse’ released Jan 21st by Decca Records)

I love Einaudi, have done ever since my Mum nearly crashed her car trying to make a note of his name when she heard a track played on Classical FM. Despite overuse by BBC during cooking programs and Shaun Meadows introducing him to British filmmakers he’s yet to suffer the ‘Hoppipolla’ affect yet for me. I find his music, and this track encapsulates it perfectly, transcends my moods. So if I’m writing I can just enjoy the calming aspects of classical piano and the beautiful melodies within the tracks, if I’m walking I get excited, almost giddy, at the complexity of the arrangements and the pulsing rhythms he creates with the repeated main melody, if I’m waking up the emotion within his music inspires me and acts like happy juice to my brain. In short his music and in particular the live album from Albert Hall is stunning and from what I’ve enjoyed so far, this new album isn’t going to disappoint.

4. Ra Ra Riot – Is It Too Much (Taken from album ‘Beta Love’ released January 8th on Barsuk Label)

I really dig this track but it’s not really something I’d usually have been turned onto so thanks to NPR: All Songs Considered for this one! I love a lot of electronica and indie but a lot of stuff over the years seems to straddle pop and alternative and get lost somewhere in the middle. This track seems firmly on the pop side but despite a stripped down opening it really steps up as the layers come in throughout the track constantly suprising you with the catchiness of themselves and who doesn’t like a nice string section? I’m not sure if I’ll be struck by the album but will definitely be giving it a go because the ingenuity, harmonies and songwriting on show with this track is what good pop always should be…fun!

5. Pillowfight – Get Your S**t Together (Taken from album ‘Pillowfight’ released January 22nd on Bulk Recordings)

You know how a chord progression like G to C to D or Em to Am still creates nice songs despite being used for what seems like an eternity? This is how I feel with this record, sometimes things just work. It’s a great track with ace production, phat horns, a good singer and the ever incredible Kid Koala, it’s just so Dan The Automator it hurts. In that sense it’s not as good as stuff from the similar sounding ‘Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By’ and misses the chemistry between Mike Patton & Jennifer Charles but you still can’t deny it gets your head nodding and your hips swaggering which is what this blog is about. I feel the album could be too much re-trodden ground and as much as it’s lovely to hear stuff like this I can’t help but hope that Deltron3030 Event 2 is going to experiment a bit more rather than just carbon-copy old material. It’s January though and sometimes when you’re feeling blue a choice cut from The Automator which gets you strutting like ‘The Truth’ did, gets you rutting like ‘Stroker Ace’ did or gets you cutting (on the decks) like ‘The World’s Gone Mad’ did then I think we can agree, that’s not such a bad thing.

See you in February for whatever new music has been titillating my turntables, from now ’til then keep it weird…but in a good way, MK x

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