Nine Until Five

My face is pretty punchable right?

I’ve got that sweet toothed palpability that denotes smugness.

Too cool for school?


“Yes, I Think we should introduce new behaviours in Quarter Two”

“We’re not hitting targets because our turnover’s too high!”

“Am I the only living boy in this room?”

“Why is nobody else doodling parrots with colostomy bags?”

Just sitting in these situations gives way to self harm ruminations

& juxtaposed hallucinations to escape these days by fumigation,

Why am i here?

It’s hard to think that i believed that working hard would quench my need,

For daily toil and some degree of 9 ’til 5 vivacity.

Why am I here?

Be careful of the workers Union, they’ll help you out with dumb confusion,

Their kindly socialist intrusion may lead to pay increase inclusion.

“I don’t want a promotion sir” 

“This is a stop gap”

“I’ll only be here a few months”

“We’ll be back in Blighty by Christmas!”

The clock has stopped or so it seems, I watch it tick away my dreams.

I try to think up clever schemes, to reinstate my self esteem.

Why am I still here?

This job is making my blood boil, I’m here too much and yet to foil

The never-ending bloody toil of office work, my life has spoiled.

How am i still here?

I know I’ve got myself to blame, I need the money not the fame

Most creatives are the same, imprisoned in this wicked game.

I’m still here.

My face is pretty punchable right?

I sit here moaning about having a job with poe-faced impudence.

The nerve eh?

One Response to “Nine Until Five”
  1. Spac Katie says:

    Excellent stuff!

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