Meerkuts’ Musical Musings – October 2013

Come Now My Selectah!

October’s been ridiculous, so much new music and just a bit more time to appreciate it. The summer is full of big tunes and bouncing parties but you do miss out on that quality time with an album. Well Autumn is well and truly here and there’s no shortage of albums out that need your undivided attention including Deltron 3030, Oneohtrix Point Never, RjD2, Four Tet, Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, Giraffage and Arcade Fire. It’s also the Mercury Music Prize this week which has a lot of music but not the most exciting or diverse range of musicians, here’s hoping John Hopkins, who was featured in a previous Musical Musings, triumphs! October’s a big month for music then, but even with all these behemoths there’s even more new music, so grab a blanket, pop the record on and nestle into the sofa to soak up these snuggly, sonic treats.

Meerkuts' Musical Musings Online

1. Easy by Son Lux (Released on Oct 29th via Joyful Noise Recordings)

Son Lux, aka Ryan Lott, is a totally new find for me. A classically trained producer, songwriter, singer and arranger of stunning music and soundscapes as well as soundtracks to the hit film Looper he is definitely a brilliant find even though he was hiding in plain sight. He’s worked with a number of people I am fans of including Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti but I just never seemed to notice. The first time I heard Easy, well I soon fucking noticed him. Caught somewhere between James Blake and John Hopkins this track is a sublime mix of classical instrumentation, cutting edge production and best of all subtlety. It builds slowly as more and more is added but never in an oppressive way, then when something sonically powerful does hit (that fucking beautiful saxophone) it resonates and reverberates through your whole body. Let the baritone blow you away and get the album via BandCamp for £5 here!

2. Lady by Tune-Yards, ?uestLove, Angelique Kidjo and Akau Naru (Released on 11 October via Red Hot Orginization & Knitting Factory Records)

We had another track from this Red Hot compilation in a previous Monthly Musings; Sorrow, Tears & Blood which was previewed on Giles Peterson’s show back in September. While that track took a refined almost introspective look at the legend that is Fela Kuti, this track revels and rejoices in the afrobeat. Just look at the guests you got playing on it and you know it’s going to be something special. ?uestLove comes in and shows his talents off with a powerful, force of nature approach to afrobeat which gives the drums a whole new feeling compared to Tony Allen’s laid-back almost instinctive touch. We also get a beautifully thought out approach to the lyrics with Tune-Yards’ Merill Garbus wanting to reclaim the sexist approach and make it a powerful song for women of Africa and around the world. A momentous collaboration and a fucking tune to boot!

3. Holdin’ On by Flume ft. Freddie Gibbs (Released on 2nd Oct via Future Classic on Flume’s Soundcloud)

What is this music? Is it Future Beats? Is it Nouveau Electronica? Is OrchestralCrunkWave? Well whatever it is I bloody love it! Flume’s debut album isn’t due to hit until 11th November but I’ve heard previews and it sounds like a fantasmic journey of bubbling beats, sick samples and twiddled textures. Drenched in Dilla style drums and FlyLo flights of fancy it respects it’s influences but also manages to sidestep them breaking into new territories through making you simultaneously head-nod whilst relaxing in your room! This track perfectly encapsulates that intelligent, beautiful and banging sound as well as sporting a wicked hook that you cannot get of your head for love nor money. I cannot wait to get this one in it’s entirety and let the sumptuous beats and delicious grooves seep into my brain. What a dirty little bugger Flume is.

4. Muévelo Negro by Quantic and Nidia Góngora (Released on 2nd Oct via Tru Thoughts Records)

Oh Mr. Will Holland can you do no wrong? Expertly produced beats, genius arrangements, clever songwriting, world class musicians, stunning vocalist and a bassline to die for, this is well and truly what Quantic does best. Over the last few years Quantic has mainly been touring the globe, finding musicians and forgotten music and collaborating with them to bring us modern interpretations of traditional world music. As much as I’ve bought and loved all this material it’s exciting to hear Mr. Holland back in full Quantic mode laying down beats and making music for the clubs and the head nodders in all of us. This track is inspired by Colombian music and features Nidia Gongora (from Combo Bárbaro and Ondatrópica projects) but rather than sticking to tradition they’ve written new songs and approached them with the idea of dancefloors and club technology. It’s like having the Colombian and South American side of Will Holland’s previous outings suddenly being made by his Quantic persona and boy does it work. This brilliant track and it’s ace B-side will definitely warm you up on these cold Autumnal evenings & is available on sexy striped vinyl here!

5. Untitled09 by Neon Jung (Released Oct 2013 via their Soundcloud page)

The thing I love about Soundcloud is when something comes up on your stream that genuinely stops you in your tracks. I was actually cooking when this first came on and I had to rush with wet hands to find out what it was even before that squelching bass comes in. Also known as Keaver & Brause but actually one man, Tom Keaver, there seems to be a difference between both projects with Neon Jung being the more dance focused music and Keaver & Brause the more reflective. He has released stuff on Magic Wire Recordings and worked on some bigger projects but this track appears to just be an ad-hoc release on Soundcloud. A terrifically catchy groove with some wonderful synth action steadily builds to that moment when the squelching bassline takes you by suprise and just makes you want to be in a club to hear it properly. If this is just an off the cuff demo then I’m checking out what other suprises Mr Keaver has up his sleeve, just wish this one went on a little bit longer!

Right, that’s it folks. Another month of selections from yours truly. I’d love to hear some of your suggestions from this year so far and now you can check out the majority of my Musical Musings on a special SoundCloud playlist right here;

Meerkuts’ Musical Musings SoundCloud Playlist



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