Meerkuts’ Musical Musings – November 2013

‘Sup Head Nodders?

I’ve been doing this for 11 months now. How fucking cool is that? This year truly shows that music is well and truly alive despite all the predictions and calls from music media for things to return to the days of Nirvana and The Barenaked Ladies. Hopefully if you’ve been reading my Musical Musings you’re of the opinion that the past was fun but the present and most definitely the future are going to sound absolutely brilliant! If you want to hear all the Musical Musings in one place then head to Meerkuts’ Musical Musings Playlist now.

November is a strange month for music. Shops and radio stations forget about real music and smash your ears with a continuous loop of christmas music and reality show songs but have no fear, there’s a shed load of great stuff out in December. Talking of Christmas, I’m going to bring you Meerkuts’ Top 10 Alternative Christmas Records in December as well as the usual Musical Musings. You Lucky Bastards! Anyway, here we go;

Meerkuts' Musical Musings Online

1. Peshay – Kickin’ It With the Piano Trio (Released 13th November 2013 by Tru Thoughts Records)

So Peshay is back. Peshay? DJ Peshay? 90’s Drum ‘n’ Bass trickster and purveyor of fast beats and epic breakdowns? What, I hear you ask yourself, does this throwback DJ have to offer us in 2013? Dubstep influenced D’n’B? Nostalgic rave music? Or fantastically fun piano jazz? Well according to a few new tracks released in November it appears to be more of the latter. I listened to this and had to go and check my SoundCloud stream wasn’t playing up and was streaming a different artist. No, Mr Peshay has joined forces with my local label, Tru Thoughts, and it sounds like there’s an album of stripped back dub, crafted beats and playful jazz. This track is already bringing me a lot of joy and colour me very intrigued for the album. Welcome back DJ Peshay, it’s good to have you again.

2. Rosie Lowe – Me & Your Ghost (Released 29th November 2013 by 37 Adventures)

Totally stumbled on this one by accident through a typo trying to find a GhostPoet remix. I was pleasantly suprised to find an artist who is fresh, original and exciting. I really enjoyed the ‘Right Thing EP’ this track came from and upon purchasing a new set of headphones the music  just kept on giving. I’ve been mesmerised by the soulful vocals, the brilliant production and the beats which always take a different form to what you were expecting. This track in particular builds and builds  encompassing so much whilst remaining stripped back and showcasing the songwriting instead of getting lost in gimmicks. This is one for the walk home from a club as you lose yourself in the tracks, I think her next album is going to be a big thing. You heard it here first! (Well probably not first but you still heard it here OK?)

3. Andrew Bird – Ethio Invention No 1 (Released on 19 November 2013 by WegaWam Music)

Wow! I’ve been a big fan of Andrew Bird for a while but always through tracks on compilations, playlists or mixtapes I’ve been given. I never took the chance to really sit and listen to an entire album and I now know what a buffoon I was to have not done this sooner. I say album, this is a track from the ‘I Want To See Pulaski At Night’ EP which is essentially a single which Bird has released with 6 other instrumental tracks accompanying it. If every band could write a song and release it with these kind of tracks as b-sides we’d be in a cultural utopia, it’s just stunning! This track really grabbed me as the stand out though despite the whole EP being a joy to listen to. ‘Ethio Invention No.1’ starts with an African style rhythm which, as is typical of Bird, builds with his layers of violin to create a symphony that feels like it’s building time-lapse worlds in front of your eyes with each new layer. It’s exquisite and even though I’ll be trawling through his back catalogue straightaway I’ll also be hoping for a new album very soon.

4. Odjbox – Made You Look ft. Nas (Released on 10th November 2013 via their SoundCloud Page & 1Step Music)

What more can I say? Odjbox have turned a hip hop song that was actually a bit annoying and abrasive into a bonafide classic. Gone are the bizarre horn stabs and they are now replaced with a B-boy infused, laid back piano groove and slick beats along with Nas’ powerful lyrics from the original. I have never been a massive Nas fan but have understood his respect and am well aware of some belters he’s released but it’s never quite sat well with me. Odjbox, the musical maestros, have changed all that and I only wish they would release some more classic rap artists who had good flows but were let down by of-their-time production. All together now, “YOU’RE A SLAVE TO A PAGE IN MY RHYME BOOK”!

5. Osunlade – Dionne (Released 15th November 2013 by Yoruba Records)

I have heard this track popping up all over the place at the moment whether on Tru Thoughts mixtapesGiles Peterson’s show or all over the MixCloud universe. I initially wasn’t that struck by it but I must admit it’s really got into my head & now I seem to roll it out every time I play out & groove my ass off behind the decks. More importantly, the dancefloor loves this one! It’s got a lovely little Dionne Warwick sample (hence the title) which just gets into your head & although I’m not usually a house lover the beat just works on this one. I would have liked this track to drop a bit more later on in the track with some jazzier beats but for an infectious, floorfiller you can’t beat it!

Cheers for tuning again and be prepared for some amazing Christmas albums in December as well as a Top of 2013 list from myself and some guest contributors in January! Oh and get yourself over to my Mixcloud page for a whole host of mixtapes,



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