Meerkuts’ Musical Musings – CHRISTMAS MUSIC SPECIAL


It’s a very musical time of year & so I thought I’d give you all a little treat before we get to January by running down my Top 10 Alternative Christmas Albums for you all today.

Coming up in January we’ll have all the best new music from December 2013 as well as lists from myself and guest bloggers on the top picks of 2013 as a whole year! Who could say better than that? Two Musical Musings blog posts for the price of one in December & again in January!

Have a lovely Christmas Holiday and enjoy these festive treats I’ll see you in the New Year!Meerkuts' Musical Musings Online

10.  Snowed In – Hanson

Hanson, the most beautiful & talented boy band of all time. One Direction couldn’t hold a candle to these guitar twanging, lank haired & throaty specimens of hyper sexuality & charisma. Take all of that and have them singing Christmas songs at you with that nineties, American rock style vocal and you’ll understand why this album is more important than Sgt. Peppers. Thank the 25th December for Isaac, Taylor & Zac Hanson!


9. Chris Isaak Christmas – Chris Isaak

Who better to sing at you this Christmas than the man behind Wicked Game and the opening half hour of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me? Actually Chris’ soft, retro tones fit the holiday style quite aptly but his song writing leaves a little to be desired on these self penned tunes. I’d also like to draw your attention to his choice of a husky, sexually charged backing singer to come onto children in a Papa Lazarou style which in my honest opinion, is slightly disconcerting. What a Christmas Game to Play, to make me feel this way!

8. It’s Christmas Time – Eclipse

I don’t know what made me smile more, the euro-trash, four to the floor Christmas Carol or the faces & self-satisfied expressions in this video. I don’t really care either, all I know is it provided me with seasonal mirth & so I’m going to play it again right now. Not sure I could stomach a whole album but sod it, be brave this Christmas time!

7. This Ain’t No White Christmas – Rudy Ray Moore

What an album cover! This album contains tracks such as ‘Eatin’ Pussy’, ‘Lip On’ & ‘Health Department’ and lyrics that would turn your baubles red with embarrassment. Saying that, apart from Stevie Wonder & Jackson 5 the Christmas Compilations are pretty white-washed so it’s good to get some soul into Christmas. Let’s hope we hear this in the shops this December!

6. Ho Ho Ho – Ru Paul

“All I Want For Christmas is Some Liposuction!” If you can find a better opening line I’d love to hear it. Ru-Paul has quickly become a household favourite with the likes of Peanut Butter Jelly song, Drag Race and this stunning slice of seasonal sassiness. What more could we all ask for than our faces snatched this Christmas!

5. Drum & Bass Christmas – Ini Kamoze & Chaka Demus

There’s a plethora of reggae, dub & dancehall christmas songs out there but Chaka Demus & Ini Kamoze have nailed it. Fusing a tinkly rendition of the Yuletide classic as well as a typically brilliant riddim from Chaka Demus all that’s left is for the mostly forgotten Ini Kamoze to have a ball toasting in a Christmas fashion on top. “Jump Around If You Love Christmas”

4. Christmas In the Heart – Bob Dylan

I really like Bob Dylan. Not grumpy old man Bob Dylan who just moans about the state of music but his 60’s & 70’s oeuvre is quite impressive. Then there’s this. A slice of Bob Dylan sounding like Tom Waits on a morphine drip who’s just been told his children won’t visit him anymore and he’s going to die alone and penniless. What could be more festive than that? I don’t know why but this album is now a yearly favourite at our Friends Xmas, I think it’s for the sheer audacity of releasing a Christmas album that sounds like a death throes dirge. I love this!

3. Christmas Records from the Attic – Various Artists

This is the type of album that should be played at Christmas. It’s a compilation of old, forgotten bands some of whom your parents or grandparents did probably play you at Christmas in your youth. Not only does it have some comedy gems but then it’s also got so many varying styles & genres your Yuletide household will never be dull. From Tijuana & Mexicali Brass to Surfer Rock and Bluegrass, this is a festive treat for all the family!

2. Rockabye Christmas – Jingle Babies

You’ve heard Barnyard Christmas. You’ve heard Jingle Cats’ ‘Meowy Christmas’. Prepare yourself for the festive fantasma of, ‘Rockabye Christmas by the Jingle Babies’! I implore you to listen to every single track. There are standouts like ‘Dance of The Sugarplum Fairy’ or a favourite of mine ‘Carol of the Bells’ which is an Autotune Extravaganza! Christmas is all about a child being born and it wouldn’t be Christmas without children. This is the best mix of children and Christmas since Home Alone. Buy it. Cherish it. Share it!

1.  Jumpstyle Hardstyle Christmas – Babaorum Team

Number One! I bet you thought nothing could beat Autotuned children crying along to Christmas classics right? Well then you haven’t been privy to the wonderful world of Jumpen. It’s a music & dance craze from Northwest Europe and it basically involves very fast music and incredible jumpy, bouncy style dancing accompanying it. There is a whole Christmas Jumpen album,  which you can find here, but I’ve attached this video to give you an idea of the music & the movements together. So put this on after the festive feast and get the whole family bounding around to these classics, you won’t have to worry about that New Year’s diet, that’s for sure!



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