Meerkuts lives in Brighton where he writes a blend of poetry, prose and putrefaction whilst enjoying cheese and vinyl. To date he has mainly written articles for online publications and e-zines focused on the creative arts industry. Meerkuts started out writing shows for the Music/Comedy group, HOTDOCTORS, which were performed at Brighton & Edinburgh Fringe Festivals as well as for podcasts and stand up nights around the country. Working in the fast paced and brutal world of comedy means Meerkuts is used to working to tight deadlines and ensuring his work is on trend.

He has experience in writing opinion features, reviews and copy for a variety of disciplines alongside his more creative projects. Furthermore, Meerkuts is comfortable writing to particular briefs and will always ensure his sense of humour does not impede the focus of a piece or get in the way of a good story.




Meerkuts has been an active DJ for the last decade causing bottoms to wiggle with an ever-changing gumbo of every known genre except country. With sets ranging from Louis Prima to Little Mix or Coldplay to Caribou, Meerkuts is adept at playing bespoke gigs or parties as well as providing to more varied tastes at weddings or private functions, he plays regular nights in Brighton as well as festivals around the country in the summer & has even been known to do corporate events as long as it’s not for the Tories.

His alter ego, Ellipsey, blends poetry and comedy by making elliptical music with a loop pedal and various household implements. To date he has performed at Glastonbury Festival and White Night Festival as well as various other spoken word and music nights around the country.


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