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Judge, Jury & Executioner – Originally Published on Creative Boom

Originally Published by Creative Boom Judge, Jury and Executioner by Meerkuts Oh hi, I take it you read my last few articles? Really? That’s great! What did you think? Oh, well you didn’t need to be quite so cutting in your appraisal, I’m only a writer and we’re thin skinned. Well hopefully, you’ll like this one today…what?! … Continue reading

Protected: 6 Reasons Why Meerkuts Should Write for BuzzFeed

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Abandoned Film Sets You Can Still Visit

Originally Published on Urban Times – Aug 2013 Recently it was revealed that the film sets of Tatooine in Tunisia will soon be destroyed. Not by a Galactic Empire Star Destroyer, not by a maelstrom of suspiciously racist, CGI Gungans and not even by the heinous crime of Greedo shooting first. The Star Wars prequel sets, which have … Continue reading

Meerkuts’ Musical Musings – November 2013

‘Sup Head Nodders? I’ve been doing this for 11 months now. How fucking cool is that? This year truly shows that music is well and truly alive despite all the predictions and calls from music media for things to return to the days of Nirvana and The Barenaked Ladies. Hopefully if you’ve been reading my … Continue reading


ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON DEAD CANARY COMICS Planetary is evolutionary. Planetary is cyclical. Planetary is like having sex with a Higgs Boson particle. Planetary is like carving E=MC2 into fresh snow with a laser wristwatch. Planetary is science. Planetary is culture. Planetary is left field, alternative future space, mainstream pop. Planetary is fucking brilliant! If you … Continue reading

Arguments Are Key To Education, Health and Happiness

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON URBAN TIMES – JUN 2013 The Purpose of Argument ( Flickr / ImNotQuiteJack ) How many times have you told someone you hate them? This is an optimistic website so hopefully you haven’t overused the H word too many times dear reader. It’s a strong word and as is the way with strong words, … Continue reading

Music For Sleeping With The Lights On To…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Check under your bed, lock the doors & leave the light on It’s now the Witching Our and the music’s gonna play on… Check out the mix here – MUSIC FOR SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON TO… A HALLOWEEN MIXTAPE FROM MEERKUTS This was a mix I did last year. Inspired by Dizraeli & … Continue reading

Is Poison The Key To Immortality?

  (ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON URBAN TIMES) Maxim Reality of the acclaimed UK indie group ‘The Prodigy’ once spat out the lyrics, “I got the poison, I got the remedy, I’ve got the pulsating rhythmical remedy” in their seminal track, ‘Poison’. I think he was talking about their brand of big-beat, electro, jungle, techno music but he … Continue reading